We Are Sorry

We know that’s a strange way to invite you to church, but the truth is, at Immanuel’s Church we believe we owe this generation an apology for the way The Church has presented the best news in the world.

We’re sorry for all the times we’ve shoved God in your face. Jesus came to bring hope, healing, and freedom and we, the church, and his followers have sucked all the fun out of that.

We’re sorry for not listening to you.

We’re sorry that we’ve shown a distorted picture of God.

We’re sorry we didn’t show respect for you as a person.

We act like we have all the answers, but really we don’t. We’re just afraid that if you know that we don’t know all the answers, you won’t care about what we do know.

If you’re ready for a new way to “do church”…a place where the command to love God and love one another is taken seriously, please join us. 

Our meeting time is Sunday morning at 10:00 AM.

We are a small but culturally diverse group of people who are looking to grow in Him and spread the Word and Love of Christ. We’re available to you at any time by calling 704.882.3440. Please accept our apology and come grow with us.

We are excited about meeting YOU.