Meet The Pastor

Get ready to be inspired by the powerful words of Pastor Don! From his very first day, when he attended church with his parents, it was clear that he was destined to become a dynamic, spiritual speaker. He’s been immersed in the teachings of the Gospel ever since, and can’t wait to share his passion and wisdom with you. Join his congregation and experience the transformative power of his inspiring sermons for yourself!

Wow, have you heard about Pastor Don and his incredible journey? Back in school, he was famous for being a singing, Bible-carrying, sports superstar. Little did he know, those talents were preparing him for an extraordinary career in ministry. For seven years, he traveled the world, spreading joy and inspiration through his music and evangelism. He even recorded two albums that you can still snag on a single CD! Join me in celebrating Pastor Don’s incredible journey and unwavering commitment to his faith.

 Get ready to be inspired! Pastor Don has been preaching for 25 years, and his journey to get there was nothing short of divine intervention. The experiences that led him to become a full-time pastor were nothing less than the foundation that prepared him for his life’s work. He’s a masterful teacher who depends on the Word of God to guide his every move. His messages will speak straight to your heart, no matter where you are in your faith journey. Want to take your faith to the next level? Then you won’t want to miss out on Pastor Don’s powerful preaching.

Are you ready to witness the power of God’s love in action? Look no further than Pastor Don and his unwavering dedication to spreading the message of Christ through personal interactions and heartfelt sermons. With boundless energy and an unrelenting desire to see the kingdom of God grow, Pastor Don is the perfect embodiment of a true Christian leader. Join him in his mission and experience the transformative power of God’s love firsthand!

 Meet Pastor Don and his dog Blue! When he’s not preaching, Pastor Don loves spending time in his beautiful yard and catching a movie or two. But his furry companion, Blue, brings him even more happiness – this pit bull mix is a great listener and a true joy to be around. Plus, did you know that Pastor Don’s wife, Bobbie, is the amazing daycare director at our church? It’s a true family affair in this spiritual community!

Wow, have you heard about this guy who’s famous for his witty sayings? His favorite quote is super profound and comes from Saint Augustine. It goes like this: “We can only have two fundamental loves in life – either we love God so much that we forget about ourselves, or we love ourselves so much that we forget about God.” How amazing is that? It really makes you think about what truly matters in life and where our priorities should lie.